Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Dancer Symbol

The meaning of the Dancer symbol was to signify a celebration or ritual dance, which often had religious symbolism amongst the Native American Indian tribes. Famous Native American dances include the Buffalo dance, Green Corn Ceremony, Hoop Dance, Scalp Dance, Rainmaking or Sun Dance and the Turkey dance. These ceremonies held a very important place in the culture and religion of the Native Indians and the dancer signified that such a ritual had taken place. The picture below was created by a member of the Objiwe tribe in 1875 that illustrates one of their ceremonial dances.

There were so many tribes of Native American Indians it is only possible to generalise the most common meaning of the Dancer symbol or pattern. Native Indian symbols are still used as Tattoos and were used for a variety of reasons and depicted on numerous objects such as tepees, totem poles, musical instruments, clothes and War Paint. Indian Tribes also used their own Colors for Symbols and designs depending on the natural resources available to make Native American paint.


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